Fitted face mask
January 6, 2021

Mandatory fitted face mask in Greater Sydney

Due to the ongoing community transmission of COVID-19 in areas of Greater Sydney it is now mandatory for everyone who enters or works in an indoor premises to wear a fitted face mask. This includes in shops (retail, supermarkets and shopping centres), indoor entertainment (including cinemas and theatres), aged care facilities, places of worship, hair, beauty and massage premises as well as all staff in hospitality venues and casinos and for patrons using gaming services.

The new rules also apply to anyone driving or travelling on public transport, taxis and ride share services. This includes waiting areas such as bus stops, train platforms or taxi ranks.

There are exemptions for those who for health or age reasons are unable to wear a mask. This includes children under 12 and those with a physical or mental health condition or disability that makes wearing a fitted face covering unsuitable. We ask businesses and the community to show compassion in these circumstances.

Masks can be removed when eating or drinking, communicating with a person who is deaf or hard of hearing, when requested for identity purposes or in workplaces where wearing a mask may put workers or others at risk. You may also remove your mask for the proper provision of goods or services, for example, if you are having a facial or beard trim.

Fines of $200 may apply to individuals and up to $5,000 for some businesses who don’t comply with the new measures.

Wearing a mask helps to protect you and the community. Together with good hand hygiene, physical distancing and testing at the first sign of any symptom, it provides NSW the best chance of stopping the spread while supporting the economy.